Do broken dishes herald happiness: folk omens

Broken dishes

"Breaking dishes brings good luck," claims one of the most popular superstitions. However, it turns out that this is not always the case, as the superstition has different interpretations.

People believe that broken dishes often signify changes, and whether these changes bring happiness or not depends on the situation. OBOZREVATEL analyzed the essence and history of this superstition.

Positive interpretation of the superstition

Legend has it that the tradition of associating broken dishes with future happiness had a psychological basis. Tableware used to be a rare commodity: it was expensive and hard to obtain. Even ordinary clay plates were cherished, and rare porcelain plates even more so. However, since accidents can happen in everyday life, and porcelain is a fragile material, our ancestors used to say "for good luck" to soften the disappointment of a broken plate. This is the origin of the belief. One interpretation is that the person who accidentally broke the plate will experience something good in the near future.

Interestingly, filmmakers have a tradition of breaking a plate with signatures for good luck. It is believed that if the plate doesn't break, the movie will be a failure.

Negative interpretation

There is also an opposing belief that broken plates warn of misfortune. According to this belief, dishes accumulate the energy of the house, and if it becomes too negative, plates and cups will literally break apart.

Another interpretation

It is believed that broken dishes usually symbolize change, indicating that the family's life will soon undergo a dramatic transformation, and one should be prepared for it. Moves, significant events - both joyful and challenging - successes and trials are likely. Superstitious individuals suggest that broken dishes signal that something in life is going wrong and needs to be changed.

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