Destroying military infrastructure: an autonomous network of Russian guerrillas is operating in Russia. Video.

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Russian guerrillas talk about their activities for the first time

An autonomous network of Russian guerrillas operates on the territory of the terrorist state of Russia. They are engaged in the destruction of military infrastructure.

The activists themselves first spoke about this in an interview with the leading British TV channel Channel 4 News. The guerrillas said that the goal of their movement is to end the war with Ukraine and overthrow the criminal regime of dictator Vladimir Putin (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

The rebels said that they provide themselves with weapons and explosives by buying them on the black market in Russia. Illegal weapons are now plentiful in the border regions.


Earlier, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine said that the guerrilla movement in Russia is gaining momentum. It is likely that internal protests will actively develop there to protect the rights of the peoples of the Russian Federation. In particular, it is noted that the increase in the number of "cotton " on the territory of Russia is a consequence of its armed aggression against Ukraine.

"We will probably get the names of all those who do this after the victory. I will say this: these are the forces that understand the danger of the Putin regime, including on the territory of the Russian Federation itself," Yusov said.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- special "marks" began to appear on the territory of Russia. Panic is growing among Russian Putinists because of the guerrillas' support for the liberation of Russia from dictatorship;

- Since the beginning of the year, more than 50 sabotage attacks have taken place in Russia and the temporarily occupied Crimea, with a sharp increase in May. Residents of the aggressor country have begun to realise that the war has already come to their homes, and that their "native" special services are completely helpless.

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