Currants will grow like yeast: with what to water the bushes to make the berries big

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Currant bushes need nutrition throughout the season

Some gardeners are in no hurry to plant currant bushes on their plot, because they think that it is impossible to collect a decent harvest from them. In fact, from one bush it is quite possible to remove 5-7 kilograms of berries. The main thing is to properly feed the plant.

OBOZREVATEL asked what fertilizer is better to treat currants. Experienced gardeners have several effective options. They should be applied consistently. A total of 5 fertilizers should be applied to currants during the season.

In April or early May, you need to feed the bushes with nitroammophoska. It is sprinkled on the surface of the soil in dry form at the rate of 10-15 grams per bush.

During flowering, the plant needs potassium sulfate. Dilute 8-10 grams of the substance per liter of water and pour this solution on currants. Potassium sulfate can be replaced with superphosphate. In this case, 10-12 grams of fertilizer per liter of water will be needed.

The appearance of the ovary is the time for the third feeding. During this period, you need to apply 100-150 grams of wood ash under each bush and loosen the soil so that it mixes with it.

The next fertilizer application should be made immediately after harvest. This time it should again be potassium sulfate or superphosphate. The selected substance should be dissolved in water at the rate of 5-10 grams per liter and pour this solution on the bushes.

For the last time in the season, currants are treated about a month before the cold weather, so that they get stronger and can survive the winter well. To do this, 300 grams of wood ash is applied to the soil under each bush.

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