City is submerged in water: in Chernihiv, the Desna reaches the peak of the spring flood. Photo.

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Chernihiv goes under water due to Desna flooding

This week, the Desna River in the Chernihiv region is reaching its peak spring flood. As a result, Chernihiv has already begun to gradually sink under water as the river level rises.

It is expected that this year's flood in the Chernihiv region could be the largest in the last ten years. This was reported by Suspilne.

See below what Chernihiv looks like now, submerged in water due to the flood (to see all the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).


The footage shows how the Golden Beach, trees, paths, a playground and a car park went underwater.


However, the locals found a way out even in this situation - they placed wooden pallets where they could not walk, so now even high water does not prevent them from reaching the desired place.


Last year, the flooding of the Desna River in Chernihiv also flooded the Golden Beach. The water level in the river then reached 534 cm, and according to hydrometeorologists, this is not the limit.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- According to forecasters, even more significant precipitation is expected in Ukraine in late April and early May. Heavy rains may cause a second wave of flooding.

- According to weather forecasters, the peak of the spring floods in Kyiv is behind us. Fluctuations in the water level in the Dnipro River may still occur, but its gradual decline is being recorded.

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