China uses Russia to lift US sanctions: details

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China uses Russia to lift US sanctions
China uses Russia to lift US sanctions

It is extremely important for China to hold on to its markets and ensure that the US sanctions are lifted. To do this, it is creating complete copies of Western economic instruments to help its "red" partners cope with the restrictions. In this way, China hopes to first increase their aggressive behaviour and then start negotiations. At the same time, the yuan cannot replace the dollar.

Orest Sohar, the editor-in-chief of OBOZREVATEL, spoke about this on his Telegram channel Orestocracy. He explained that despite the fact that, according to the IMF, the yuan ranked third among all reserve currencies in 2022, its share was only 2.69%. At the same time:

  • the dollar is in first place with a 58.3% share;
  • the euro - 20.47%.

China is trying to create its own G7

Today, it is noted, China is setting itself up for autonomous coexistence with the civilised world, pulling other pariah states closer to it. It has already created an alternative Internet, SWIFT, and is trying to replace dollars with yuan in international payments.

Its orbit already includes Russia, Brazil, India, and South Africa (the so-called BRICS). North Korea and Iraq also depend on Beijing. In addition, Chinese leader Xi Jinping reconciled Iran and Saudi Arabia, which had been at odds for 44 years.

"While the share of Muscovy was only 2%. The situation will change due to anti-Russian sanctions, but the mordor market will not be able to reach the levels of, for example, Germany," the article says.

China will have problems without the West

At the same time, it is emphasised that some of Beijing's successes are truly impressive. However, it is still very far from full economic freedom.

"China's speciality is cheap labour + exports to developed Western countries. If rich countries stop buying these goods, cheap labour will turn into a multimillion-dollar army of unemployed people," Sohar explains.

What China wants

China's main goals, it is noted, are to maintain its markets and lift US sanctions. To achieve this, it is emphasised, they most likely intend to do so at the expense of their "red" partners.

"Beijing is preparing its own complete copies of Western economic instruments rather to help its 'red' partners survive Western sanctions. China's personal interest today is to hold on to its own markets and to get the US sanctions lifted. To do this, it needs to pump up its aggression muscles a bit, bring North Korea, Muscovy, Iraq, etc. into its political orbit, and then declare negotiations," Sohar explains.

At the same time, he emphasises that an attack on Taiwan is unlikely at present. After all, in this case, "China will know the 'joy' of sanctions".

"Beijing is well aware of this. That is why it will only take such a step if it can see victory on both the economic and political fronts. So far, such prospects are not visible even in a microscope," the article states.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, China has previously opposed Russia's transfer of nuclear weapons to other countries and their deployment outside its borders. Xi Jinping's team categorically prohibits the movement of nuclear weapons anywhere.

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