Challenge and provocation. 5 "fashionable" colors that actually scare off the interlocutor

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Find out what to replace them with

Psychologists have long proven that color affects mood. In this regard, it is very important to choose the right clothes that would not spoil the inner feelings of either you or others. Especially when it comes to an important event. The wrong color of clothing in this case can be considered a challenge and a provocation.

The Marieclaire publication has listed five shades that are fashionable at first glance, but in fact they can scare off the interlocutor. It also explains what colors are best to replace them with.

Pink shades indicate weakness.

Pink. This color is not suitable for serious conversations. It gives the impression of weakness and emptiness.

Orange. This is one of the most off-putting colors for dates and important meetings. It is associated with cheap things.

Yellow is a symbol of betrayal.

Yellow. It is better not to wear clothes in this color to romantic meetings, as most people associate it with betrayal and selfishness.

Brown. This color is associated with meticulousness, boredom, and predictability. It seems primitive to people.

Clothes in lilac shades are best worn at home.

Lilac. This romantic shade can be worn at home for domestic work. But if you wear this outfit to work, they will remember it, not you.

Note that yellow and red tones give a feeling of excitement and agitation. Black is the color of choice for reliable and structured people. In combination with white, it speaks of freedom.

Orange is a cheap color.

In addition, basic shades bring a positive mood and concentration to the brain. And bright ones are considered a challenge and provocation.

The most favorable color for the psyche is green. It is a shade of life, health and a symbol of safety.

Brown color is too primitive.

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