Celebrities also have bad days: five of the most epic celebrity embarrassments on the red carpet. Photo.

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Epic star embarrassments on the red carpet

You can watch world-famous artists walk the red carpet in their luxurious, expensive outfits, captivating the paparazzi and the audience with their impeccable looks, but the most memorable moment is when one of them embarrasses themselves. And it's not that fans expect their idols to fail - it's just that such situations remind us that stars are ordinary people, and even they don't always do everything perfectly.

There are many reasons for celebrities to fall. If we're talking about the fair sex, they often sacrifice their comfort in order to outshine everyone on the red carpet, choosing beautiful but extremely uncomfortable dresses. We also add high heels, as well as a few glasses of champagne or a lot of excitement. That's the "starter pack" for an epic embarrassment. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about some of them.

Jennifer Lawrence


If you have watched at least a few interviews with this actress or shows with her participation, then you probably know that she loves to laugh at herself. This is why everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence. She has repeatedly found herself in awkward situations in public, but her fall during the 2013 Oscars definitely went down in history, becoming literally iconic. It was all due to a "traumatic" dress from Dior. Going up on stage to receive a golden statuette for Best Actress, Lawrence fell dramatically, and then, laughing, embarrassedly covered her face with her hands. Her colleagues supported her with a loud standing ovation.

Hayden Panettiere


The popular American actress and former fiancée of Wladimir Klitschko first scared and then amused the audience on the Met Gala 2014 carpet. She was unable to cope with her fluffy Tom Ford dress - she stumbled and took a light ride down the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the fashion event is held annually. Colleagues rushed to the rescue, worried that Panettiere had been badly injured or twisted her leg, but the actress only laughed sincerely at her fall, and then got up and continued to pose for the paparazzi.

Rami Malek


It's not just dresses and heels that can cause embarrassment. Famous actor Rami Malek and his epic fall after receiving an Oscar for his leading role in the 2019 film Bohemian Rhapsody is proof of this. The filmmaker and triumphant actor accidentally fell off the stage that evening, right onto the audience sitting below it. It obviously came as a shock to him, because for the first few seconds he looked confused at the people who rushed to his aid and did not understand what was happening. Obviously, the actor was overwhelmed with excitement. He had to seek medical help.

Jessica Alba


The world-famous actress Jessica Alba is an example of how to fall beautifully, gracefully and with a smile. In 2006, during the Teen Choice Awards, she stumbled on the carpet, but did not show it. Landing on her knees, she continued to pose for photographers.

Jules Holland


The man crouched on the ground is the famous British pianist, composer and TV presenter Jules Holland. The cause of his fiasco was a seam in the carpet, which was not laid properly. The musician caught himself on the protruding edge and found himself lying down in a second. It happened at the GQ Men of the Year 2014 award ceremony. Fortunately, the showman was not injured, although his fall looked quite painful.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, sometimes stars find themselves in embarrassing situations, staying on their feet but knocking down other attendees. For example, at the 95th Oscars, one of the photographers, who was shooting the singer Lady Gaga, fell on the carpet. The star rushed to help the paparazzi.

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