Came to work in a tank: Schwarzenegger became action director on Netflix. Video

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Arnold Schwarzenegger became action director on Netflix

Legendary American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger got a new position - now he is the director of action on the streaming platform and film studio Netflix. The star of the cult "Terminator" announced the start of his work with a spectacular video.

At the beginning of the video Schwarzenegger drives up to the Netflix office on a tank, hitting a parked car nearby. The impressive video was posted on the streaming platform's YouTube channel (scroll to the bottom of the page to see it).



Climbing out of the tank, Schwarzenegger proudly and somewhat pathosily announces that he is now director of action, and then he is already sitting in his office, where he promises viewers to show the most spectacular fights, chases and powerful explosions in the upcoming projects.


In the humorous video, the actor also announced several shows and movies that will soon be released on Netflix. Among them: the action film "Tyler Rake: Operation Rescue 2" with Chris Hemsworth, the thriller "Heart of Stone" with Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan, as well as the series "Fubar", in which Schwarzenegger himself starred.

By the way, "Fubar" - the first and so far the only series in the film "Terminator" for his entire 50-year career. The actor has never been a TV star, so for him this experience will be new. The project will be released on the streaming service already on May 25 and will tell the story of a father and daughter who find out that they have been hiding a huge secret from each other all their lives - each of them works for the CIA.

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