Buried as homeless: a scandal erupts in Russia over a place for the graves of the occupiers. Photo.

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Scandal in Russia over cemetery of participants in criminal war against Ukraine
Scandal in Russia over cemetery of participants in criminal war against Ukraine

In the city of Rybnoe (Ryazan region of the Russian Federation), the occupiers killed in the war in Ukraine were buried separately from other people, next to the graves of the homeless and nameless. The local authorities do not see a problem with this and justify that they chose a "worthy" place.

Russian media wrote about the scandal. The published photos show that flags are placed on the graves of the Russian invaders. However, local residents were outraged that the soldiers were buried at the very end of the cemetery, where people of no fixed abode are also buried.

Scandal in the Ryazan region over the place where occupiers are buried

The interim mayor, Yuriy Zinovyev, does not understand what people did not like. He said that the location for the 'Special Military Operation Heroes' Burial Alley' was chosen by the previous mayor in conjunction with NGOs.

"The city administration did not bury the heroes in the general population. We chose a nice separate place for them. We also laid down gravel. I hope we won't have to bury the guys anymore," Zinovyev said, commenting on the situation to journalists.

Graves of Russian Armed Forces servicemen in Rybne
Graves of the occupiers

"Irony of fate: everything is back to normal," joked the Telegram channel of the Look for Your People project.

Rybnoe on the map.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- In the Russian city of Orenburg, an advertisement for recruiting contract soldiers to the Russian army was placed near a cemetery. The symbolism of this placement was appreciated by one of the local bloggers, who complained to the security forces about "discrediting the Russian armed forces".

- The owner of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, had previously conducted a tour of the cemetery of his mercenaries in Bakinskaya village, Krasnodar Territory, Russia. The "Putin's cook" admitted that the number of graves is indeed growing, but "what can you do, that's life".

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