"Brutally handed a summons": Telegram channels lied about the conflict on Berestiysky Avenue in Kyiv. Video

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A man tried to attack his own wife
A man tried to attack his own wife

The other day, a video of a man being detained by police officers and men in military uniform on Berestiysky Avenue in Kyiv was circulated in social networks, accompanied by the message that this was how they handed out summonses. Law enforcement officers refuted this statement, saying that in fact they had come to the aid of a woman who was the victim of a family quarrel.

This was reported in the press service of the capital's patrol police. Law enforcers published bodycam footage(to view the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"Friends, observe information hygiene. Especially in times of war. Recently, a Telegram channel circulated a video where police officers, along with people in military uniform, detained an aggressive man. This video was accompanied by a message as if the event took place during the delivery of the summons. We assure you that this is not true," the police stressed.


According to law enforcers, the other day on Brest Avenue a police crew heard a woman screaming for help, so the inspectors immediately rushed to her. It was later found out that the police witnessed a family quarrel.

The drunken, aggressive husband was harassing his wife and provoking the conflict. He grabbed her clothes and tried to take her bag.



"The police decided to detain the attacker. Not far from the scene there were soldiers who also responded to the screams of the Kyiv woman. Since the detainee could pose a threat to himself and others, the patrol officers had to use physical force and handcuffs," the police stressed.



As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on Monday, May 22, footage of a conflict between a passenger with a child and a police officer at the "Zvirynetskaya" metro station in Kyiv spread on the network. The police explained that it was actually a man who provoked the situation - he approached a law enforcement officer and began using foul language.

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