"Basya, don't die!" Because of what tragedy Barbara Brylska almost committed suicide and how she tried to become a "dove of peace" after the Russian invasion

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Why Barbara Brylska almost committed suicide, and what she says about the war in Ukraine

The famous Polish and Soviet actress Barbara Brylska made her first movie appearance when she was only 15 years old. Since then, the real life of the star herself began to resemble a real movie, in which there was love, and infidelity, and disappointments, and bitter losses - some of which the actress still has not been able to cope.

OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about bright and tragic moments from the life of the iconic Barbara Brylska. Also, let's figure out whose side the actress took after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

So, Brylska's career, as we have already found out, began when she was still a teenager. The 15-year-old beauty agreed to the proposal of Polish director Antoni Bohdziewicz, who invited her to the picture "Salons of Happiness."

However, wide popularity in her native country the actress brought the role in the film "Pharaoh".


At that time, Brylska, who certainly had a spectacular appearance, had many admirers and suitors. However, the star was busy. Even at the age of 20 she married the mathematician Jan Borovets. The man was completely uninterested in his beloved, much less in her creativity. This eventually led to a divorce.

But for a long time Brylska alone did not stay. Immediately after the dissolution of marriage she started an affair with a colleague in the movie "Pharaoh" Jerzy Zelnik. Their story was not only very bright, but also fast. The couple almost immediately decided to get married, but less than a year later divorced.


The Yugoslav actor Slobodan Dimitrijevic, whom the celebrity met on the set of the movie "White Wolves", became a new victim of Brylska's charms. The actress still calls him the main love of her life. Their stormy romance could have ended with a happy ending, but the actor's mother interfered in the stars' relationship. The woman wanted her son to find a rich bride, and the cinema seemed to her completely unprofitable business. By insidious ways, she separated the lovers - she hid letters from Barbara, and Slobodan said that she had probably long forgotten about him.

In the end, the actor married someone else, and Brylska, learning about this, fell into a deep depression.


In the early '70s, the artist once again tried to build a family. Her new husband was the gynecologist Ludwig Kosmal. In this marriage, which lasted 18 years, two children were born - a girl and a boy.

A daughter of an actress was born in 1973. She was named after her mother Barbara, but affectionately everyone called her Basya. A son was born in 1982, and parents, without being particularly original, gave him the name Ludwig, as his father.


It was thanks to her children that this marriage lasted for 18 years. Brylska was grateful to her husband for pulling her out of depression and supported her in every way in her work, but over time he changed a lot. The actress could still turn a blind eye to the constant treachery, but the cruelty and jealousy of Ludwig, who earned a month as much as his wife in a day, have become simply unbearable. On top of that, the man began to drink heavily, and, as the film star told in recent interviews, continues to abuse until now.

Kosmal himself said this about his famous spouse: "I hate my wife, because all the women with whom I cheated on her, I compare it to her, and she always wins.


Their marriage fell apart, but the real tragedy, which almost made the actress commit suicide, occurred a few years after the divorce. On May 15, 1993, 20-year-old Basya Brylska was driving with her lover Savelij Žulavský by car. The guy didn't manage to steer, and the couple was involved in a car accident. The driver survived, but the movie star's daughter died on the spot before paramedics arrived.

"He got his license six months ago. It was his mistake. He told me how he was running around the car and shouting: "Basya, don't die!" - told many years later, Brylska about the major tragedy of her life.


Basya was a young and promising actress and model. She was prophesied not only to repeat, but to surpass the success of her mother. To cope with the grief Brylska senior just could not, so she decided to commit suicide. She was saved by her son, who at that time was only 11 years old. It was for the sake of the boy the actress has managed to find the strength to live on, despite the terrible pain inside.

For about three years, the actress has practically never left home, and it took her another 16 years to work through her grief and learn to smile again. Now Brylska has two grandchildren. A son and his family live not far from the star mother.

What does Barbara Brylska say about the war in Ukraine?

The real success came to the actress after the release of Eldar Ryazanov's Soviet film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" For this reason, after the beginning of the large-scale war, the citizens of the terrorist country expected the performer of the role of Nadia Sheveleva to support the Russian aggression. The Russians argued that it was allegedly Russia that brought her fame and money. However, the star took a different position. Initially it was quite ambiguous and looked more like a desire to become a "dove of peace" for "brotherly" nations.

"It's very hard for me to talk about it. I know the Russian people. I know that they are kind, romantic, not to mention great Russian culture - ballet and literature, for example. What's going on makes me sad. I know both Russians and Ukrainians. I have worked with them. I have many friends. It's a pity..." - Brylska was once quoted by Russian propagandists.


However, the artist soon chose a clearer side and, after condemning the aggressor, supported Ukraine.

"Fighting for dignity, independence and peace is the greatest virtue. None of us can stand idly by as we watch what is happening in Ukraine right now. For each of us, the last few months have been a time of prayer--prayer for a free and independent Ukraine. We are proud of your endurance and want to emphasize once again - we are with you!" - said the Pole.

Brylska, who admitted that she used to love and respect Vladimir Putin very much, was disappointed in both the Kremlin leader and the people mired in propaganda.

"Look at how Omsk, Novosibirsk live... We arrive there, and I'm scared to get off the plane. There's poverty everywhere, it's impossible to live there. Russians have to understand that it is impossible to live in this sh*t they live in," - the star said.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, earlier Barbara Brylska advised Liya Akhedzhakova to leave Russia. She received this proposal after the 84-year-old Akhedzhakova was fired from the Sovremennik Theater. With her comments, the Pole angered the deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Civil Society Development, so she suggested that Brylska's face be "erased" from "The Irony of Fate.

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