"Barbie" vs "Oppenheimer": what summer movie hit collected bigger box office receipts

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''Barbie'' and ''Oppenheimer''

The premieres of "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" major hits of summer-2023 were held in Ukraine on the same day, July 20. This divided the audience into two clans: some went to watch a moralizing comedy about a cult blonde doll, while others preferred a biographical thriller about the creator of the atomic bomb. However, especially brave moviegoers were the ones who decided to visit two sessions in one day. This confrontation or cultural phenomenon even received the special term "Barbieheimer".

However, it was the same "pink" movie from Greta Gerwig who won the fight. This is evidenced by the figures released by Variety. "Barbie" collected 300 million dollars in box office receipts for the first weekend.

Moreover, Warner Bros. company announced a new record of 2023 for box office receipts on the first day of distribution. "Barbie" managed to earn 22.3 million dollars  in just one day. The previous record belonged to the fantasy movie called "Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 3" with 17.5 million dollars.

The creators of the movie were also surprised by the numbers. They predicted to collect $75 million in the American box office for the weekend but in the end received $155 million.

''Barbie'' vs ''Oppenheimer'': what summer movie hit collected bigger box office receipts

As for "Oppenheimer," this dystopian biopic from modern-day genius Christopher Nolan starring Cillian Murphy also boasts impressive box office numbers, albeit smaller in comparison to "Barbie." The movie earned $174 million in its first weekend at the box office worldwide and $80.5 million in America, though $50 million was expected.

While working on "Oppenheimer", Nolan called it the most complex and large-scale of all his projects. By the way, it is also the longest movie of the director as it lasts three hours. The greatest difficulty caused the recreation of a nuclear explosion without the use of computer graphics. Cillian Murphy became so deeply involved with his character that he didn't even go to the general dinners with the crew during the filming.

''Barbie'' vs ''Oppenheimer'': what summer movie hit collected bigger box office receipts

These two contrasting but equally global premieres have already turned Hollywood history upside down. The blockbusters brought the movie market the highest total box office receipts since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, "Barbieheimer" became the fourth most successful weekend in history.

To remind, movie critics and viewers are actively sharing their reviews of the sensational movie "Barbie". Some call it a beautiful story without deep meaning, while others, on the contrary, delighted with the coverage of important topics through the prism of humor in combination with an interesting non-banal plot. To find reviews from experts from around the world and just movie lovers, read our material.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, the looks of actresses who played Barbie dolls are copied in real life by fashionistas around the world. Ukrainian brand also appeared in the movie. Its costs 11,600 hryvnias. To learn the details, visit the link here.

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