Andre Tan showed stylish down jackets of 2024 and named 5 signs that indicate an anti-trend

Five signs that indicate that a down jacket is anti-trend

In the fashion world where every season brings something new and interesting, down jackets retain their "eternal" popularity. After all, they are primarily warm, light and comfortable. Still, fashion is changing, so it is unlikely that a down jacket from 2015 will be relevant in 2024, although there are still chances for it.

Ukrainian fashion designer Andre Tan told us what criteria should be used to choose the "right" outerwear and what signs can give away the anti-trendiness of your down jacket. In fact, choosing the perfect style is not so difficult. It will be worn with pleasure.

Length is the most important parameter

For more than three years now, a long down jacket has been a priority when choosing outerwear because it will keep your feet as comfortable and warm as possible.

"A modern down jacket should be long as midi and even maxi skirts are in fashion, and the down jacket should cover it all. No, the skirt can stick out from under the down jacket, but it's more elegant when it protrudes a maximum of 5 cm," the stylist explained.

Length is the most important parameter

Shiny fabric

Andre Tan advises not to choose shiny and thin fabrics that gather in small folds. In his opinion, it looks cheap and not modern, so it is better to give preference to dense and high-quality fabrics.

It is better to give up shiny fabric

Hidden fasteners

"Buttons, rivets, and zippers are all good, but it's better not to see them. A hidden zipper looks more modern and relevant!" Andre wrote.

Hidden down jacket fastener

Belt fasteners are outdated

The stylist advises to forget about fitted down jackets with a belt. "The belt can look stylish and successfully emphasize the figure but only if the jacket itself provides for it (it should be voluminous)!" he wrote.

Belt fasteners are outdated

Uniform stitches

A variant that does not go out of style is the classic horizontal wide stitch.

"The stitch can also be a rhombus but it must be uniform! You shouldn't choose a model with a combination of stitches," Andre said.

Uniform stitches

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote about five signs of a down jacket that can make you look shorter than you really are.

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