All is not lost: how to save yellowed garlic

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Proper fertilization will help restore garlic greens

Many gardeners are frustrated by the tendency of garlic leaves to turn yellow and wither in the early years of their passion for growing vegetables. There can be many reasons for this. But there is a solution to the problem.

OBOZREVATEL has learned a few life hacks that will help restore the plant's health. Garlic resuscitation products are easy to find and inexpensive.


This product is a source of nitrogen, a substance important for plants. To feed garlic with it, you need to dilute 50 ml of ammonia in 10 litres of water and pour this solution over the vegetable. The liquid should not get on the leaves of the plant.


Wood ash contains a whole range of nutrients. It can be applied in several ways. To prepare an irrigation liquid, you need to dilute the ash with water in a ratio of 1:10, let it brew for at least a night and apply the resulting solution under the root. You can also apply ash in dry form. It is sprinkled under the plant, and then the soil is loosened by a few centimetres to mix it with the product.


This product is diluted in the ratio of 40 ml per 10 litres of water. It contains a complex of nutrients that restore plant health. The solution is poured over wilted garlic.

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