A stylist refuted three popular fashion rules that ruin a woman's image. Photo

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A famous blogger showed how some fashion myths spoil the image

he famous online stylist and author of a popular fashion blog named Abby dispelled three outdated myths about creating stylish looks. She used her own example to show how they can ruin the look of any beauty.

The social media star shared the video on her TikTok page, which has more than 70 thousand subscribers. For the experiment, she used her own wardrobe items (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Choose accessories to match your shoes

Abby showed her followers a laconic look consisting of classic jeans, a light pink top and matching sandals. At first, she complemented the outfit with a light bag that did not "stand out" from the main color ensemble, but later replaced it with another model: a larger and brighter one.

The stylist dispelled outdated myths

According to the blogger, a bag can be the only bright accent in an outfit, rather than echoing its basic colors.

The author complemented the bow with a bright bag

Black, blue and brown in one outfit

There is a myth that it is better not to combine dark shades with each other to avoid creating a gloomy look. However, the stylist showed by her own example that these colors are perfectly combined by wearing a blue dress with a classic black jacket and a brown bag.

Abby showed an elegant look in dark colors

Sneakers and a dress

Despite the "rule" that feminine dresses and athletic shoes are not the best combination, the author of a popular blog thinks otherwise. She showed off a light, pink floral print dress and white chunky sneakers, saying that this look looks relaxed and comfortable.

The blogger combined sneakers and a dress

As OBOZREVATEL reported earlier, experts have picked up several outdated shoe models for the summer that can easily ruin any look. Read more about it in the article.

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