A stewardess named a thing that is given for free to a certain group of passengers

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What you can ask a flight attendant for

Elderly people as well as pregnant women or passengers who require special assistance can always turn to the stewardesses and flight attendants. They can lift their suitcase, even if it is a small bag.

This was told by flight attendant Miguel Muñoz, reports Express. He explained that to avoid injury, they can ask the flight attendant for help.

Miguel talked about one thing that only elderly travelers can get for free, and many people don't know about it.

"You can ask for a glass of water if you need to take your medicine. Many airlines, especially budget airlines, do not offer free water and only sell small bottles. However, passengers who need a glass of water to take some medicine need only ask for it. That's the only thing they can get for free," Munoz said.

He also noted that if travelers don't feel well, they should immediately press the call button above their heads.

When traveling, passengers often have to travel long distances in airports, which for many can be exhausting. The flight attendant also recommended requesting special assistance before the flight. Special assistance is always available at any airport and can make a passenger's journey much more pleasant.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, there are several code phrases used by airliner crew members to avoid upsetting passengers.

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