A speaker who will lead: Nostradamus predicted the emergence of a charismatic leader in Europe

Will the new leader be able to give the world hope?

The predictions of Michel Nostradamus have been fascinating esotericists for more than half a millennium. He is credited with accurate predictions of catastrophes, crises, and outstanding events. Among his quatrains, we found predictions for the coming year 2024.

According to Sante Plus, the astrologer predicts that after all the recent upheavals, Europe will see a new leader next year. It will be a fairly young charismatic person with outstanding oratory skills.

Most likely, such a leader will emerge somewhere in Western Europe. He will win over a lot of people with his passionate speeches, and they will take his side. It is expected that the new leader predicted by Nostradamus will lead a certain social or political movement that will begin to gain popularity rapidly.

But the influence of this leader will not be limited to Western Europe. His speeches will resonate in the east of the continent as well. In these countries, his words will be perceived very favorably and he will become an influential politician here as well, and will lead to certain changes in this part of the world.

However, what is not visible in Nostradamus' quatrains is a clear indication of whether this young leader will be able to bring hope in such dark times as the world is experiencing now. What is known is that the astrologer predicted a high probability of the outbreak of World War III.

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