The 21-year-old Englishwoman almost lost part of her face after lip augmentation. Photo

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Amy Wiseman from England has a lip piercing and regretted it

A 21-year-old Englishwoman named Amy Wiseman from Durham, who works as a nurse in a dental clinic, told how she almost lost her eyesight. According to her, hyaluronic filler was injected into an artery, which led to the clogging of the vessels.

The girl paid almost $100 for this procedure to a cosmetologist she trusted, the Daily Mail reports. Amy said that her lips lacked oxygen and she had 24 hours to fix the situation (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

She said that something had to be done urgently, as part of her lip could have completely fallen off and she would have needed a skin graft.

Subsequently, the filler was dissolved by a professional doctor. The girl went to see her general practitioner, who said she was lucky to still have her lip. She also visited a dentist, who told her that she could lose her eyesight if she didn't have the hyaluronics dissolved within 24 hours.

"I was completely shocked when they said I could lose my eyesight. I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know if my lips could be saved or if they would be permanently damaged. My blood flow was reduced because the filler was blocking the artery, and I had a bruise. If I hadn't visited a doctor in time, I would have lost my eyesight and the left side of my face, and I would have needed a facial tissue graft," she said.

Englishwoman Amy Wiseman pierced her lips

Amy added that she has been going to the beautician who gave her that ill-fated 0.5 ml injection in her lips since she was 17.

"After the first injection, I felt a lot of pain, but I didn't think much of it because I know that getting your lips done hurts. But it was worse than what I had experienced before. I told the beautician about it and she said that I hit a vein, but there was nothing to worry about," Amy recalls.

After the procedure, Amy got into her car and started looking at her lips and was upset because she shouldn't have a bruise like she had.

"The left side of my lip looked completely different. And there was a terrible pain. It was agony. I sent a photo to the woman, she said it was just bruising, and I trusted her because she had done my lips before," Amy said.

Amy Wiseman in the car after getting a hyaluronic filler injection

Soon, the girl decided to consult another specialist and sent him a photo of her severely swollen lip. He referred Amy to a plastic surgeon and therapist. She also sent the photos to her colleagues, who consulted with specialists and decided to urgently dissolve the filler.

After the incident, Amy said that the injury undermined her confidence and she gave up hyaluronic fillers for life.

"It put me off, and I wouldn't do it again. But if I do, I'll go to someone who has a medical degree. People take a course in a day and seem to have qualifications, but a doctor could diagnose the problem and solve it immediately," Amy Wiseman summarized.

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