5 fitness grandmothers with athletic figures who don't look their age. Photo.

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Sporty grandmothers are popular on the Internet
Sports grandmothers are popular on the Internet

It's never too late to start playing sports. This is proved by women who came to the gym after the age of 40 and managed to get themselves into an incredibly slim and sexy shape.

Older athletes do not go to plastic surgeons. The secret to their youth is healthy eating and intense training. We talk about grandmothers who look decades younger.

  • <b>Janice Lorraine - 78 years old</b>
Janice Lorraine does bodybuilding

Fitness model Janice Lorraine didn't play sports professionally until she was 55. However, when she began to notice cellulite and signs of aging on her body, she wanted to prolong her youth. Her boyfriend David, who is 30 years younger, suggested that they go to the gym together. Twenty years later, they are still dating.

Janice Lorraine is a bodybuilder

Now a pensioner, she is the winner of many bodybuilding competitions. Her three children and young boyfriend are proud of her. Lorraine is considered the oldest bodybuilder in Australia and is also raising three grandchildren. Doctors have found that at 78, the woman has the bones of a 25-year-old.

  • <b>Joan McDonald - 77 years old</b>
Joan McDonald lost weight due to health problems

Canadian athlete Joan MacDonald has one and a half million followers on Instagram. The woman proved that it's never too late to transform your figure, even after 70 years. Joan weighed about 100 kilograms, but decided to lose weight when she started having health problems. MacDonald underwent a knee replacement.

Joan MacDonald goes in for sports

Joan has become a fitness fanatic and at 77 years old, she trains on a par with young girls. She has replaced her extra pounds with elastic muscles. MacDonald has forgotten what pills and illnesses are. She posts photos on social media in swimsuits, tops and leggings.

  • <b>Sheila Kiss - 63 years old</b>
63-year-old model travels the world

Sheila Kiss used to be a successful model in Australia, but after turning 60, she ended her modeling career and started developing her Instagram blog. Now the blogger is 63 years old, but she doesn't look like a typical retiree. She travels the world, poses in a swimsuit, and even young girls envy her figure.

A woman actively engaged in sports

Sheila started working out when she became a mom for the second time and gained weight after giving birth. She goes to the gym 6 times a week and practices yoga. This helps her prolong her youth and avoid going under the knife of plastic surgeons.

  • <b>Sharon Orval - 56 years old</b>
Sharon Orval does not look like a grandmother

Sharon Or val, a successful businesswoman, wife, and mom, is a sexy blonde at 56 years old. Her husband, Mark Orval, is a famous Australian footballer. The beauty often posts photos online in a bikini, showing off her slim figure, abs and toned buttocks.

Sharon Orval is a frequent traveler

The woman used to serve in the police force and now runs her own business, selling collagen supplements and cosmetics. Sharon is called one of the hottest grandmothers in the world, and anyone who sees her in person would never believe that she already has a grandson.

  • <b>Charlene Farnsworth - 51 years old</b>
Charlene Farnsworth poses in her lingerie.

Blogger Charlene Farnsworth is a lingerie model at the age of 50. 10 years ago, she didn't play sports and was a cleaning lady. Doctors suspected she had throat cancer, but the diagnosis was wrong. Since then, she has realized that life is too short, and she needs to live it brightly and unforgettably.

Charlene Farnsworth works as a model

Nowadays Charlene lives to her heart's content, travels a lot and runs a blog. The sexy grandmother has more than 200 thousand followers on her page. The woman does weightlifting six times a week.

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