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What a healthy dinner it is

There are a lot of myths about what foods you can eat for dinner and when exactly. Some people believe that you should abstain from eating after 6 p.m. even if you feel hungry. And some people, on the contrary, go to bed with a full stomach. That's why it's worthwhile to figure this out with the help of a specialist.

Gastroenterologist and healthy eating consultant Iryna Parfenova shared what a healthy dinner should really be like on her Instagram page.

Rules of a healthy dinner

You should follow the "healthy plate rule". For dinner, it looks like this:

1/2 - raw or cooked vegetables;

1/4 - protein;

1/4 - complex carbohydrates.

After 18:00, eating is not only possible but necessary. It is better to have your last meal 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. It is not recommended to go to bed in a state of hunger because your sleep will be restless. And the body will experience stress. In addition, refusing to eat dinner can provoke the formation of gallstones.

Features of the diet in the evening:

1. Protein should be light, namely include eggs, fish, seafood, white meat, soft low-fat cottage cheese, and some legumes.

2. Vegetables with low starch content. It is worth limiting the amount of consumption of the following vegetables: potatoes, beets, pumpkin and carrots.

Fruit for dinner

3. Fats should be in the form of unrefined oils, avocados, or yogurt dressing for meals.

4. Complex carbohydrates in small quantities. But if you need to gain weight, you need to increase the amount of carbohydrates for dinner.

5. Red meat (beef, pork, lamb) is not suitable for dinner because it takes a long time and is difficult to digest, as well as fatty fish and poultry, salted and fried food, and dried fruits.

You should not eat pork for dinner

6. If you skipped lunch, you can have a larger portion, but do not exceed the calorie content.

7. Fruit is also allowed within the calorie limits.

8. Kefir causes a marked increase in blood insulin levels. Insulin is a somatotropic hormone antagonist that helps you lose weight at night. Therefore, it is best to drink kefir for the 1st or 2nd snack along with nuts and berries. If you are not at the stage of losing weight, kefir is fine.

Kefir for dinner

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