Which salad is the healthiest and what to cook: an expert's answer

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A delicious and healthy salad
A delicious and healthy salad. Source: instagram.com/valya__saenko/

Everyone knows how to make Vinegret. It is not only healthy but also a very budget-friendly and tasty salad. For a bright taste, cooks advise adding pickles, sauerkraut, beans, peas, corn, green onions, seaweed, aromatic oil, herring, and anchovies.

Ready salad

Nutritionist Svitlana Fus shared on Instagram the benefits of Vinegret and why you should eat it often.

The benefits of ''Vinegret''

Why is salad good for you?

Vinegret is a source of fiber, pectins, important minerals and vitamins. Thanks to pickled cucumbers and cabbage, it has a probiotic effect, supports the intestinal flora, affecting the immune system, which is especially important in winter and autumn," says Fus.

Vegetables for ''Vinegret''

What is most useful in a salad

"Beets contribute to the regular functioning of the intestines, have a positive effect on the circulatory system, heart and substances that normalize blood pressure. Carrots provide vitamin A, cabbage and onions provide vitamin C. Peas and beans are good sources of vegetable protein and make the salad more satisfying," the expert said.

Delicious ''Vinegret'' with beans

What to season the dish with

Oil also adds beneficial properties to the Vinegret. It's especially tasty when it's unrefined and flavorful. But you can also use olive oil. You can also change the proportions of vegetables, add mushrooms, fresh cucumbers, and even sour apples!" the nutritionist added.

''Vinegret'' with oil

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