What not to put in pizza: the taste and even the smell will be spoiled

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Homemade pizza
Homemade pizza. Source: Pixabay

Pizza is a very quick, tasty, and satisfying dish that is loved by almost everyone. You can cook it on different doughs and without it, replacing it with pita bread or vegetables. You can use any products you like for the toppings, but you need to be careful when choosing cheese for pizza so as not to spoil its taste and flavor.

Thin pita bread pizza in the oven

The FoodOboz editorial team found out from chefs which cheeses will spoil the taste, aroma, and even the structure of the dish and why you should never add them.

How to cook a delicious pizza with cheese

Top 3 cheeses that will ruin a pizza:

1. Cheese product

Cheese product

Cheese product is made on the basis of vegetable but not milk fats, so when they interact with high temperatures, they dry out, become a solid lump, and don't melt. This will give the dish a very unpleasant greasy taste and sour odor.

2. Cheeses with characteristic odors and mold

Different types of cheeses

It is worth knowing that these types of cheese are not intended for pizza. When heated, they lose their pleasant flavor and aroma. At high temperatures, their taste changes and can ruin the pizza.

Cheese pizza

3. Processed cheese

Pizza with melted cheese

This cheese is a curd dairy product made as a result of processing regular cheese. It's worth noting that if the product is made from low-quality cheese, it will lose its taste and structure during the cooking process, especially when exposed to high temperatures, and ruin the delicious pizza.

Pizza with cheese

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