Top 5 original gifts for those who love food the most

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Kitchen gadgets. Source: freepik

A kitchen without a wide variety of gadgets not only looks sad, but also ceases to be fun to cook in. That is why there is a huge variety of devices in the world that will be a great decoration for the kitchen and make the life of the hostess much easier.

Buzzfeed recently published a list of gifts to give to people who love to cook. They will come in handy and also cheer you up.

Garlic mincer "Dracula"

Garlic chopper

First, the look of this chopper is quite original and will make everyone smile who knows that vampires can't stand garlic. Secondly, it can grind a large amount of garlic in just a few seconds, which will significantly speed up the cooking process.

Rose ice cube tray

An interesting ice cube tray

If you're tired of ordinary ice cubes, it's time to buy a "rose" shape. It will not only cool any drink, but also decorate it with its unusual shape.

Transparent toaster

Transparent toaster

This gadget allows you to toast your toast to the exact degree you want. The transparent walls of the toaster allow you to observe the toasting process and stop it at the right time.

Unusually shaped milk сreamer

A milk сreamer shaped like a milk carton

A beautiful milk сreamer served at the breakfast table will be a great decoration and cheer you up. A glass milk carton in the shape of a milk carton is exactly what you need to create the right morning mood and coziness in your home.

Banana masher

Banana chopper

Do you like fruit salads or just bananas? Then you can't do without this gadget. It is able to cut a banana into equal portions in a matter of seconds, and thanks to it, the serving of this fruit will always look beautiful.

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