Over-salted cutlets: what to do and how to save the situation

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What to do if cutlets are over-salted. Source: niftyrecipe.com

Even experienced housewives have faced situations where minced meat or fried cutlets turned out to be salty, hard, and tasteless. But the situation is very easy to fix and can be done both raw and cooked.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you how to save over-salted cutlets.

How to save over-salted cutlets

How to save over-salted meatballs in raw form?

There are several ways:

You can add a little boiled rice to the salted minced meat and make meatballs. At the same time, you don't need to salt the rice.

You can also increase the amount of minced meat and mix it with the salted part.

What to do if minced meat for cutlets is over-salted

Some housewives advise adding potatoes, cabbage, or bread to the minced meat. These products will not spoil the taste and will easily solve the problem.

How to save over-salted meatballs in finished form?

What to do if the cutlets are too salty

If the finished fried cutlets are too salty, you can solve the problem as follows. To do this, put the cutlets in a frying pan and add peeled potatoes, which absorb excess salt well in their raw form. In addition, add butter, a little water, herbs, and seasonings. Simmer the dish for about 2-5 minutes over low heat.

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