How to tell if cottage cheese is fake: the best methods

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Cottage cheese
Cottage cheese. Source: pixabay.com

Cheese is a very healthy and tasty product that contains many vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. It also contains vitamin B12, which contributes to the healthy production of digestive enzymes and the transportation of essential nutrients into cells, as well as vitamin B2, which is necessary for healthy metabolism. In addition, cheese is an excellent source of selenium, which plays an important role in thyroid function.

Homemade cottage cheese

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected tips for you that will help you easily choose delicious and, most importantly, natural cottage cheese and quickly distinguish between fake and safe products.

1. What to look for when choosing cheese

How to choose cottage cheese

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the label, date and expiration date, as well as the composition of the product. It must contain milk, starter, and rennet. But if this is not on the label, you should not buy such a product.

2. Color

What to make with cottage cheese

Safe, natural, tasty cottage cheese always has a white or cream color. It is worth noting that the cottage cheese grains should be approximately the same size. The smell should not be pungent. The product may be odorless or have a very pleasant milky flavor. If it is low-fat cottage cheese, it may contain a little whey.

Cottage cheese for the dish

3. How to check the quality of cottage cheese

Boiling water for the presence of vegetable fats

Store-bought cottage cheese

Put a spoonful of cottage cheese in a glass or bowl, pour boiling water over it, and stir. If the product contains fat, an oily film or spots will appear. If the cheese settles in lumps, it is fake because natural cheese should dissolve in water.


How to tell if cottage cheese is fake

You can simply drop it on the cheese and wait a few minutes, if the color of iodine appears on the cheese, the product is of high quality, but if it turns blue, it is fake and contains lime, water, and soy.


Homemade cottage cheese

Put the cheese from the bag into a bowl and leave it for a while. If the cheese turns yellow but the smell and taste do not change, it contains oil and is fake. Natural cheese will quickly turn sour and acquire an unpleasant odor.

Frying pan

Cottage cheese named the best food to eat before bed

Put a spoonful of cottage cheese in a frying pan and heat it up; if the cheese curdles and whey starts to come out of it, it's natural. If the cheese melts, it's fake that has palm oil.

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