How to quickly peel kiwi without a knife: the easiest method

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Ripe kiwis
Ripe kiwis. Source: pixabay.com

One of the healthiest fruits is kiwi as it contains a lot of vitamins, especially C. It is most useful to eat it raw, and you can also make desserts and drinks.

What to make with kiwi

The FoodOboz editorial team shares with you the simplest life hack that will help you peel a kiwi very quickly and without a knife.

How to peel kiwi without a knife

You will need:

  • knife
  • tablespoon
  • plate

How to peel a kiwi with a spoon:

1. Wash kiwi.

How to quickly peel kiwi

2. Cut off the tips on both sides.

3. Using a tablespoon, gently pierce the fruit between the skin and the flesh.

Ripe fruit

4. Afterwards, gently twist the spoon around the fruit and take out the pulp.

It's worth noting that only ripe kiwi can be peeled this way, not green ones. For green ones, you will need a knife, or you can just cut the kiwi in half and eat it with a teaspoon.

How to eat kiwi properly

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