How to prepare tender mashed potatoes: one simple life hack will help

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Mashed potatoes
Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the easiest potato dish that anyone can make because it is truly basic. You just need to choose a delicious variety of potatoes and cook them properly. But not everyone can do that without some secrets.

Vegetable puree

The FoodOboz editorial team shares with you a life hack published by Еatthis that will help you prepare delicious, tender, lump-free mashed potatoes.

Delicious mashed potatoes

Chef Claudia Sidoti claims that mashed potatoes can be tasteless because of improper and instinctive stirring of the dish.

Mashed potatoes

"If you mash the potatoes too hard, you activate the gluten, which will make the mash too clogged and sticky," Claudia explains.

Unsuccessful mashed potatoes

In addition, she recommends heating milk or cream before and adding it to the potatoes slowly. This will give the dish a very pleasant flavor and make the texture very tender.

Add milk to mashed potatoes

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