How to turn ordinary instant coffee into a delicious drink: 4 life hacks

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How to improve the flavor of instant coffee. Source: Pixabay

Instant coffee is one of the cheapest coffee drinks that cannot boast of a bright and rich taste. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the preparation of instant coffee. There are several important points that will help you do it right.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information for you and will tell you how to make instant coffee correctly and deliciously.

How to improve the taste of instant coffee

Cold water

Simply pouring water over instant coffee is not enough, or even the right thing to do. This often results in a sour taste. To avoid this, it is recommended that you first dissolve the coffee in a small amount of cold boiled water. And only then add hot water.

How to make instant coffee correctly

The temperature of the water also matters

That's because boiling water can easily ruin the taste of coffee. The ideal water temperature for brewing instant coffee is between 87 and 93 degrees. Simply put, after the water has boiled, you need to wait a little while for it to cool down.

How to make coffee even more delicious


This refers to the ratio of water to coffee itself. Manufacturers often advise putting in more coffee than you actually need. But it's best to go by your own taste.

Can I add milk to instant coffee?

Don't forget the milk

Everything is as simple as possible - milk reduces the acidity of coffee, making it softer, sweeter, and more flavorful.

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