How to cut meat for kebabs so that it is grilled evenly: tips

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Juicy pork kebab
Juicy pork kebab. Source: pexels.com

The taste and juiciness of kebabs depends on many factors, and one of them is the size of the pieces of meat for the dish. It's also important to know how to cut the meat correctly: along or across the grain.

How to properly prepare meat for barbecue

The FoodOboz editorial team shares useful tips on how to cut different meats for a juicy barbecue.

Meat for the dish

How big the pieces of meat should be

For skewering, cubes with a side of 4-5 cm are considered optimal.

Delicious barbecue

How to properly cut meat for barbecue

The meat should be cut so that the pieces are in the shape of a cone, but you can cut them into squares or rectangles. This is not so important, the main thing is that they are the same size. This will allow the meat to be evenly fried and it will not be excessively dry or raw.

How to cut meat correctly

How to cut pork for barbecue

Pork should be cut across the grain as the fibers cut along it lose their stiffness and the meat becomes tender. Cut the pork meat across the grain into rectangular strips about 5 cm wide.

Pork for the dish

How to cut beef for barbecue

This is the toughest meat for kebabs and should be cut across the grain into 4 by 4 cm pieces. Remember that you cannot cut beef along the grain, otherwise the kebab will turn out dry and hard!

Beef for the dish

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