How not to cook meat: the most common mistakes

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What mistakes can ruin meat. Source: pixabay.com

Meat is a product that requires special cooking techniques. And if it is not followed, the dish will be spoiled. It is very important to prepare the meat before frying or boiling.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you about the most common mistakes that many people make when cooking this product. From defrosting to frying.

Meat for cooking

Cut meat immediately after freezing

After you take the meat out, it needs time to thaw. Therefore, you should leave the meat in the refrigerator for 5-15 minutes. This way, the juice will be evenly distributed and the product will be tasty.

Cooked meat on a plate after raw meat

Minced meat for dishes

Raw meat can spread bacteria. Therefore, wash the plate very well afterward and only then place the cooked product on it.

Technology that is not suitable for the selected meat

Spices for cooking meat

The cooking technique depends on the type of meat you have: chicken, pork, beef. Softer meat cooks faster, tougher meat takes longer.

A small amount of spices

It is very important to use spices when cooking meat – the product will become rich and juicy. You can add salt before frying or boiling and leave it to marinate for a while.

Juicy fried ribs

Not preheating the pan

If you put meat in a cold pan, it will simply stick. In addition, the oil needs to be well heated.

A delicious fried steak

Cutting meat incorrectly

It is very important to cut the meat across the grain. This way, it will keep its shape and be evenly fried.

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