How much lemon you can eat a day and how useful it is: Svitlana Fus dispels myths

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Why lemons are not the main source of vitamin C

Lemon is a component of many dishes. Especially those that are designed to boost immunity: teas, various candies, tinctures. Many people believe that this fruit contains the most vitamin C, but this is a misconception.

A well-known Ukrainian nutritionist Svitlana Fus told us why we shouldn't take lemon as the only source of vitamin C to maintain our health. Published on her Instagram page.

How much vitamin C is in lemons

If we compare the vitamin C content of lemons and other foods, then:

An average orange (150 g) contains almost the daily value of vitamin C - 70-80 mg, and an average lemon weighing 120 g contains almost half as much - only 48 mg.

How to store lemon to preserve vitamins

Besides, eating several oranges at once is a pleasure, which is not the case with lemon. The nutritionist notes that you should eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, and berries-fresh, frozen, or fermented, depending on the season-to maintain a sufficient concentration of vitamin C in your body at all times.

How much and which foods should be consumed to ensure a sufficient amount of vitamin C in the body:

Making lemon juice
  • cabbage - 100 g
Apples contain more vitamin C than lemon
  • apple - 1 pc.
  • black currant - 30 g
  • tomato - 1 pc.
  • bell pepper - 40 g
  • cauliflower (steamed) - 200 g

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