You need to pay for everything! Khloe Kardashian, Sean Penn and others: five celebrities who have been to prison

Stars who have been in prison

The lives of celebrities only seem perfect and bright. They, like ordinary people, can get into trouble. Sometimes so much so that they can be imprisoned. In addition, the childhood and youth of many artists whose names are now known all over the world were not easy. Living in poverty, they had to do not the best things, which also led to court proceedings and even prison.

Today, OBOZREVATEL offers to tell the stories of some of the world's celebrities who have such a dark chapter in their biography as prison. Some of them ended up behind bars even before they became famous, while others got into big trouble at the peak of their popularity.

Khloe Kardashian


The American socialite and businesswoman Khloe Kardashian was sentenced to prison in 2008 after violating her probation in connection with her arrest for drunken driving. Despite being sentenced to 30 days, the star was released just 3 hours after her arrest due to overcrowding.

Sean Penn


Today, Sean Penn is one of the world's greatest actors, an Oscar winner, and a great friend of Ukraine. However, in 1987, a turning point occurred in the celebrity's life. While filming the police film Colours, Penn suddenly had a hysterical fit, during which he punched an extra working on the film several times. In June of the same year, Penn was convicted of assault and subsequently served 33 days of a 60-day prison sentence.

50 Cent


After 50 Cent (real name Curtis James Jackson III) became the de facto leader of the East Coast rap group G-Unit, he became one of the most influential people in the music industry. However, before that, his life was full of very bad things. As a teenager, at the age of 12, Curtis started selling crack cocaine. At the age of 19, he was arrested for trying to sell drugs to an undercover police officer, which could have resulted in a prison sentence of 3 to 9 years. Jackson managed to get his sentence reduced to 6 months in a re-education camp in New York, where he was able to get his high school diploma.

Paris Hilton


In May 2007, the famous socialite was sentenced to 45 days in prison for violating her probation due to numerous traffic offences. In June of that year, Hilton went to a women's prison in Lynwood, California, to serve her sentence. However, the star was released only 19 days later.

Mark Wahlberg


In April 1988, Mark Wahlberg, then 16 years old, carried out a series of brutal racially motivated attacks on two Vietnamese men while under the influence of drugs. The teenager was later convicted of his actions and sentenced to two years in prison, of which he served less than two months. Having already gained worldwide fame, in 2006 the actor publicly apologised for his actions, and in 2014 he asked for a pardon. Later, Wahlberg withdrew his request for clemency after public controversy over the petition.

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