Why you shouldn't put forks with their teeth up on the table: what superstition says

Why you shouldn't put your forks on the table with the tines facing up

Although the knife is the real "star" of superstition, there are no fewer signs associated with forks. One of them forbids placing the utensils with the tines up on the table.

It is also not recommended to put forks in the organiser with the tines up. OBOZREVATEL figured out what this is about.

First of all, the fork is a cause for concern among superstitious people, as they believe that any sharp instrument is a "magnet" for evil spirits.

Therefore, it is also not recommended to leave forks on the table overnight.

As for the position of the tines upwards, the sign says that in this way the owner can attract conflicts and quarrels into the house, as well as problems in various fields, illness and poverty.

According to another version, a fork left with the tines up can lead to loneliness. This rule, according to superstitious people, applies to both married people and single people. In the former case, it can allegedly lead to divorce, and in the latter, to the fact that a person will never find happiness in love.

Sceptics say that a fork left with the tines up can indeed lead to trouble, but more mundane. In particular, it can injure residents. Especially children.

There is also a danger for animals, who can injure themselves or others with one clumsy movement.

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