What you shouldn't wear ballet flats with to avoid looking ridiculous: these mistakes must not be made. Photo.

You need to be able to style ballet flats correctly

Despite the variety of footwear, there are not many models that combine comfort and elegance. Not all fashionistas can afford sneakers and sneakers in the summer, as many of them adhere to a business dress code that requires a suitable pair of shoes. The most relevant option is ballet flats.

However, you also need to be able to style them correctly in your look so as not to look ridiculous. OBOZREVATEL will tell you about the main mistakes (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

Elongated trousers

In no case should you wear ballet flats with elongated trousers. Due to the low sole, the legs will drag on the floor, which will interfere with walking. Dust stains on your trousers are also unavoidable.


With tights and socks

The combination of ballet flats and tights of any colour looks ridiculous. If necessary, you can choose discreet flesh-coloured nylon socks, but never coloured or thick ones. An exception may be leggings, but only in rare cases.



Shoes and clothes should go together, so no one wears running shoes with an evening dress, and elegant ballet flats should not be combined with a tracksuit.


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