What to wear with shorts in the summer to look stylish: 5 ideas worth repeating. Photo.

Shorts can have an elegant look

Summer shorts are one of the most underrated wardrobe items, as they are rarely used to create stylish, interesting and effective looks, limited to simple T-shirts. In fact, there is a huge variety of shorts - from lace to sports shorts - that can be easily styled and feel comfortable in the heat.

You just need to pick up and try on shorts with different tops once to discover new stylish combinations. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you what they will look fashionable with in the summer of 2023 (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

With a blouse

Despite the popular belief that shorts look best in a sporty look, they can be successfully styled in other styles. For example, a mid-length model made of trouser material will look stylish with a blouse. This look can be called business or even evening.


With a shirt

A classic white shirt looks great with denim shorts and other options. This top will add proportion to the figure due to the volume on top.


With a crop top

On particularly hot days, you shouldn't give up on cropped tops. This top will emphasise the waist and fully reveal the beauty of the shorts.


With a bodysuit

Beauties who appreciate privacy and elegance in their outfits can safely combine sporty, elegant and casual models with a bodysuit. Thanks to the fastener, you won't need to adjust the top while walking or doing other activities.



If you don't want to choose a top for your shorts, you can buy a ready-made set. Your default jacket, T-shirt, top, shirt or other item will look stylish and appropriate with the shorts in the set.


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