What swimsuit to choose to look slimmer: these 5 options will transform you. Photo.

A swimsuit can make your figure look slimmer

Even a minimum of fabric can change your figure beyond recognition if you know your strengths and weaknesses. Well-chosen swimwear is no exception. There are at least 5 models that you should pay attention to.

The issue of choosing a bathing suit becomes especially relevant in the summer, when the season for relaxing by the pond opens. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about the most versatile of them (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

With vertical stripes

It's no secret that vertical patterns visually slim the figure. This works with both clothes and swimwear. This life hack will look best on a one-piece model.


With an accentuated waist

An indispensable trick is to give your body an hourglass silhouette. A small strap or tapering at the waist will help with this.


Retro options

Modern swimsuits are open and light, with a minimum of fabric and rigid elements, but retro models were not like that. They featured a high waistline that successfully hides the belly and a puffed bodice that emphasises the chest.


With cut-outs at the waist

Cutouts at the waist visually narrow the waist. This works in the same way as dark inserts on the side, often used in looks.


High cutouts on the hips

Swimsuit models with open hips lengthen the legs and make the silhouette slimmer. You should pay attention to dark options made of dense fabric that will disguise the extra centimetres.


OBOZREVATEL also wrote what colours you should forget if you want a slimmer figure. One palette of shades makes the body look fit and athletic, while the other can distort the shape.

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