Used by all parents: What phrases should not be said to a child when he cries

A crying baby is in a vulnerable state and needs support

A baby's crying is not the most pleasant sound in the world, it's true. And it is normal to be annoyed about it. But any adult should understand that it is much harder for a child in a situation where he cries. He can not cope with his emotions and becomes very vulnerable. If you say something devaluing to him at this moment or treat his emotions without due respect, and even more so if you do it regularly, it can cause him tangible trauma.

That's why psychologists advise parents and adults to pay attention to what they say to the child when he cries. OBOZREVATEL publishes a list of phrases that in no case can be said in such a situation.

Stop crying

It is an adult with a fully developed psyche who can get their emotions under control and stop crying. And this is not always the case. A child, on the other hand, is in such severe frustration that he loses his balance. The best thing you can do at this moment is to show your support to your baby and ask him or her what made him or her so upset. In doing so, you will teach your child not to suppress his or her emotions, but to understand his or her own feelings.

This child is not crying

Generally speaking, parenting by comparing children to one another is a very bad practice. It forms a person's unhealthy self-esteem. In addition, it teaches you not to build relationships with other people, but to compete with them. A crying child needs extra support, not a sense of his own insignificance in addition to what made him cry.

Don't embarrass me

It is not necessary to form the idea in the child that showing emotions is a shameful activity and it is better to hide your natural reaction. Repressed feelings lead to significant health problems - mental and not only - in the future. In addition, such a phrase can teach the child that adults' feelings are much more important than their own, and this has a bad effect on self-esteem.

If you keep crying, then...

A crying baby is already pretty frightened or upset about something. Threats won't fix that for sure. Perhaps fear will make the baby stop crying, but that is not certain. Promises to give the baby to another person or to subject him or her to any punishment for a natural reaction, again, will form an unhealthy habit of suppressing emotions. And in doing so, undermine a young person's trust in adults.

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