Urgently check your wardrobe! 6 things that reek of cheapness: they will never be worn by fashionistas. Photo.

Some things smack of ''cheapness''

To be a fashionista, it's not enough to follow trends and buy things from the latest collections of famous brands. Style connoisseurs know for sure that it is better to avoid trendy clothes, and some seemingly stylish and interesting things give off a cheap look.

The main mistake in choosing an outfit is trying to attract attention with bright colours, colourful designs and natural materials. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you what things look cheap and outdated (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Fur coats made of natural fur

Outerwear made of natural fur is a relic of the past that is openly condemned in civilised countries. Such outfits are unecological, impractical and simply out of fashion.


Logo in the most prominent place

Branded items are primarily about quality, not about flaunting an expensive brand. It is better not to choose clothes with a large logo, as it hints at a desire to attract unnecessary attention.


Acid colours

Fashionistas usually choose noble and restrained shades - emerald, chocolate, ruby - if they want to add colour to their look. Acidic shades will not add elegance.


Revealing mini

Wealthy beauties do not need to attract attention with extreme minis to demonstrate their sexuality once again. There are many other fashion techniques: complex silhouettes, slits, appropriate necklines, but it is not easy to find such things in the mass market.


Black shoes and bag

Black models of shoes and accessories are the most affordable and practical. However, there are so many of them that dark bags and shoes have begun to look boring and are associated with simplicity and cheapness. It is better to look for and buy a thing with a noble and atypical shade.


Mesh tights

Vulgarity is not something that wealthy women want to show in their looks. Such a colourful and flashy element will make the outfit look cheap.


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