"Two pieces of news: disturbing and very disturbing": Velykyi parodied Shoigu, who reported on the situation in the Belgorod region

The artist made Ukrainians laugh

The star of "Kvartal-95" Yuri Velykyi has recorded a new parody, in which this time he shows Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu talking about the situation in the Belgorod region. The artist, as always, demonstrated his sharp humour and accurately described what is happening in Russia.

The star posted a new video on his YouTube page. In it, on behalf of Shoigu, he reported to the Russian president on the events in Belgorod, stating that "everything is going according to plan" (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

"I have clarified everything about the Belgorod region. So, look, there are two pieces of news: disturbing and very disturbing. As it was explained to me with difficulty, in a nutshell, the key to the border is broken in half. Some Russian military entered the territory of the region, on Russian armoured vehicles, with some new Russian flag. All these facts indicate that this is a 100 per cent Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group. They do not touch civilians, so they are definitely not ours," Velykyi said in the parody.


Ukrainians were delighted with the celebrity's new work and commented on the video: "I give Yuri a standing ovation, bravo! Strength and patience to the Ukrainian soldiers and people! Glory to Ukraine! Ukraine will live on", "Yuri Velykyi's art is an example of how humour can be brilliant", "Civilians are not touched - definitely not by ours. It's both funny and sad. Thank you for another masterpiece."

We would like to remind you that recently Yuri Velykyi made a parody by commenting on the so-called drone attack on Putin's Kremlin residence. The incident took place on May 3 and sparked a heated debate.

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