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Hairstyles for unruly hair that do not require styling

If you are one of those beauties who complain about unruly hair, then we hasten to reassure you that almost every second woman on this list is not. Unmanageable hair is usually referred to as thick, stiff and porous curls that are difficult to style. But this is not a problem if you choose the right haircut.

There are many hairstyles that require absolutely no styling: wake up, smile, comb your hair and go conquer the world. Today OBOZREVATEL will tell you about three such haircuts.

Elongated bob


Thick and heavy hair perfectly holds a medium haircut, creating perfect lines due to its own weight. The bob doesn't need styling, but it's important to use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that won't weigh your hair down even more. And if your strands like to fluff up due to humidity, then apply a little oil in a dosed amount.

By the way, if you have naturally curly strands or you have decided to radically change your image and make a perm, the bob will look great on your hair. Such textured and shaggy hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity.




Many people are afraid of getting a pixie cut because there is a stereotype in society that too short hair makes you look less feminine. Don't listen to this nonsense, but still be careful with the pixie. If you have an elongated face, it is better to give preference to variations with additional volume on the sides, and for round-faced ladies it is better to make a pixie bob. We recommend sharpening the temples - this will elongate the face and make it appear visually thinner. And there's no point in writing about the fact that the pixie doesn't need styling, because everything is clear here.

Beach curls


From extremely short lengths, let's move on to beach curls. Unruly hair does not need to be styled even if you have grown it to the maximum length possible. In this case, the indirect and at the same time non-curly texture of the curls will no longer be a problem and will turn into an advantage. It looks impressive and stylish.

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