Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan and others: 5 celebrities who disowned their children. Photo.

Stars who disowned their children

Very often, children of celebrities suffer from a lack of attention because their parents disappear on film sets, at concerts or social events. Celebrities learn to balance work and family gradually. However, there are absolutely disastrous cases when stars are completely immersed in their brainchild, and their heirs fade into the background, becoming just a stumbling block for the star mum or dad on the way to achieving career heights. As a result, the idols of millions become strangers to their own children or disown them altogether.

OBOZREVATEL offers to read the stories of public figures who have abandoned their children. For some of them, the reason was, as we have already noticed, work. However, this is not the only argument that some celebrities use to cover up their failed parenting.

Anthony Hopkins


Anthony Hopkins is considered to be one of the greatest actors of our time, but he also deserves the title of "bad father". Abigail Hopkins, 54, is the only daughter of the Oscar winner, and the filmmaker knows absolutely nothing about her life. In an interview with the Radio Times in May 2018, Hopkins was asked if he had any grandchildren, and he replied that he did not know because he did not communicate with his daughter at all. "People get divorced. Families break up, and you move on with your life. People make choices. I don't care one way or the other," the actor answered honestly.


Tom Cruise


The world-famous actor Tom Cruise divorced his colleague Katie Holmes in 2012, after which he stopped seeing their daughter Suri. This happened because Holmes refused to join the Church of Scientology, whose ideology the star of the Mission Impossible films was maniacally fascinated by. The girl is now 17 years old. Cruise still does not take part in her upbringing and does not even keep in touch. However, this year Suri plans to enter a university in New York, where she will study fashion, and her tuition will be paid for by her star dad, as it is spelled out in the divorce agreement with his ex-wife.

Woody Allen


The iconic director has adopted children from his ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow. Dylan's daughter Dylan became estranged from her star dad in 1993, when she was only seven. It was then that the girl first spoke about sexual abuse by Woody Allen. The case was hushed up, under the pretext of protecting the child from legal proceedings. In 2014, in an open letter to The New York Times, Dylan spoke about the allegations again, but this time the director got away with it. For obvious reasons, the daughter does not communicate with her father. Her example was followed by Woody Allen's son Ronan, who supported his sister after she made allegations of violence.


Caitlyn Jenner


Until 2015, Caitlyn Jenner was William Bruce Jenner, who managed to father six children before the gender reassignment. One of them is Brandon, who was born in a marriage with actress Linda Thompson, a former girlfriend of Elvis Presley. Now Caitlyn and Brandon are strangers to each other. The father did not even attend his son's wedding, although they used to keep in touch.


Jackie Chan


The iconic actor has never acknowledged his daughter, Etta, who was born as a result of an affair with Miss Asia 1990 Elaine Ng, when Jackie Chan was still married to his current wife Joan Lin. It's no secret that the star of Rush Hour, Karate Kid and other films has an illegitimate daughter, but he never dared to start communicating with her. And Etta herself apparently does not want to get closer to her star father.

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