"This was not shown on the show": the winner of the first "Bachelor" told the truth about Yana Solomko, who now lives in Russia

In the first season of the Ukrainian version of the show "Bachelor", where the main character was choreographer Max Chmerkovskiy, blogger Alexandra Shulgina won, and her competitor in the final was performer Yana Solomko. The second girl miraculously managed to fall in love with the audience, so the decision of the "Bachelor" was met by most fans with harsh criticism. However, more than 10 years have passed and Solomko has shown her essence in that time. After the full-scale invasion, she continued to live and work in Moscow, where she even released a track dedicated to the occupiers.

However, Shulgina is not much surprised by the traitorous position of her former rival. She says that even on the project Solomko was not as "pure and fluffy" as she was shown by the producers. The blogger talked about what was behind the scenes in an interview with Anna Olitskaya.

Shulgina does not understand how Yana can stay in a country that is trying to destroy her homeland by killing civilians and destroying homes. She stressed that the traitor's relatives remain in Ukraine, although the girl does not keep in touch with Solomko.

"This is terrible. I saw this terrible video. I do not know what drives the person. Her family is still in Ukraine. We do not communicate. I feel very sad for her. I'm sure she doesn't sleep at night. And it could end badly for her. She wanted to come to America. She was never quiet, that's how she was portrayed in the show. She had already won the "Chance" project by then, she had already traveled to America with Kondratyuk, and she had a lot of things. But that's how she was introduced. And I was introduced the other way round - as a major girl. She can stand up for herself, it was never shown. But that's the way she is, you can't put your finger in her mouth. It was not shown in the show", - shared Alexandra.


The first season, as Shulgina eventually realized, planned to make a kind of fairy tale about Cinderella, where the main role from the first issue was given to Solomko. The story of the singer caught the audience, but her getting to the finale, according to Alexandra, was written in the script long before the end of reality.

Shulgina says that Yana got in the project without casting - thanks to connections because she had already won the project "Chance" and tried to make her way in the Ukrainian show business.

"All the girls saw that she got into the project without casting. No one saw her at the casting, she didn't take any tests, tests. Before we went on "The Bachelor," we were tested. We were tested for tuberculosis and so on. We went in crowds, so I could see who was going to be on the project. When the show starts, the first party, Jana walks in. We're all like: "Who's that girl? We've never seen her..." She's always had this image, so beautiful, she's always had the best dates, always the best clothes. So we saw that she was a priority. I always knew she was put there by either Kondratyuk or whoever. She's there by connections. She's not as poor as they tried to make her out to be. And she made it to the finals, that wasn't news to anybody. And she was so confident that she had it all figured out", - shared the winner of the reality show.

Shulgina says that at that time, in 2011, Chmerkovskiy should have chosen Solomko in the finale, because that is what the producers of the show asked. However, the choreographer refused to follow the script.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, on the eve of the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, February 22, 2023, Solomko, who now performs under the creative pseudonym SOYANA, overcame all kinds of cynicism. She released a track in which she praises the Russian military and wishes them to come home victorious. The music video for the composition showed the monument to the "Heroes of Panfilovtsy".

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