They were on "The Voice", conquered the National selection and collected millions of views: which of the hitmakers can go to Eurovision from Ukraine

Famous artists got into the long list of participants of the National Selection

The announced longlist of contenders for the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, which will take place in Sweden next May, includes both popular performers and little-known singers. Some of the stars have been seen at the selection before, while others have already managed to represent Ukraine.

For the competition, they have created new tracks that are expected to win over European listeners. OBOZ.UA decided to tell you what the most popular contestants of this year are already known for and whose songs are currently the most successful (to see photos and videos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil

This is not the first attempt for the colorful Jerry Heil to make it to Eurovision. Last year, she took third place with her track WHEN GOD SHUT THE DOOR. She has also released such hits as "Okhrana, otmena", "Mriya", "Kozatskyi rayon", etc.

In 2023, Yana Shemayeva teamed up with rapper Alyona Alyona, who just a week ago announced a hiatus. We should add that the stars have recorded hits that became popular before. Among them: "The wind is blowing", "Cuckoo", "Why?", etc.


Carpetman, also known as Kilimmen, is a member of the Eurovision-winning band Kalush Orchestra. The artist, who does not reveal his face, has recently started his solo career. He currently has two videos for his English-language songs, Live without a system and My honey. It is not known who exactly is hiding behind the mask, because anyone can try on the image.


The singer began to rapidly gain popularity less than a year ago. The performer wrote about himself that he is 21 years old and comes from the small town of Varash in the Rivne region. The artist started out shooting videos on his phone, but almost 50 thousand users have already subscribed to his page, and his video for the song "By Airplane" has garnered over 1.2 million views.

Julia Belei

Singer Julia Belei is no stranger to the music industry. She used to be a member of a band, but recently launched a solo career. The singer performed at the closing ceremony of the 2023 European Games in Krakow, which was broadcast to 50 countries, and regularly participates in other shows in Poland. Until recently, her songs were also not in Ukrainian, but her track "Girl - Ukraine" has received 67 thousand views.


The singer MÉLOVIN, known throughout Ukraine and beyond, has already participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 with his song Under The Ladder. Then the artist opened the show with a fiery performance, but took 17th place.


The start of the singer's career about a year ago turned out to be very successful. Recently, his tracks "Had a Tour," "Slowly," and "Next to You" have been tearing up the charts and social media. PARFENIUK is one of the newcomers to the showbiz, but he is already giving concerts and actively developing as a vocalist.


Singer Skyler has gained a huge audience over the past year, listening to her hits to the hilt. The artist's videos have millions of views, and her blog has almost 270 thousand subscribers. Her latest hit is the 100-face fit "Vechornytsi".


An original singer from Bukovyna, Anastasia Chaban, enchants listeners with her ethnic vocals. This year, she appeared on The Voice competition, where Ivan Klymenko took on the task of promoting her. The artist did not win, but their duet turned out to be bright and impressed the audience.


"Kateryna Taranenko, a "titan" of Ukrainian show business, a singer from the temporarily occupied Donetsk, known previously under the stage name Assol and more recently SWOIIA, has been in show business since childhood. Read about her journey from "My Mom is the Best in the World" to a new lease of life in her work in the extended article.


The author of the hits "At Night", "Look", "Waiting at Home", "Don't Be Silent" and others knows how to sing in such a way as to enchant millions of viewers. Of all the above participants, it is his songs that are gaining the most airplay as of November 2023. The artist has a fit with Jerry Heil, and started to win the audience with covers.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote about the full list of candidates for the National Selection. Read who else is on the long list here.

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