They wanted to keep their loved ones: Madonna, Courteney Cox and other stars who had plastic surgery - and regretted it. Photo

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Hollywood stars who have been victims of plastic surgery.

There are some strange stereotypes that are still deeply ingrained in people's minds. Especially about couples. For example, that relationships are hard work. Men like bitches. Or that having a child saves a marriage where the spouses are constantly fighting.

There is another common belief among celebrities: "he" will leave if "she" doesn't improve herself with plastic surgery. We're talking about celebrity women who have learnt the hard way that beauty surgery does not help save unhealthy relationships. Read more in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Kim Basinger

In 2014, American actress and fashion model Kim Basinger had an affair with hairdresser Mitch Stone. He is 10 years younger than her. To look fresh next to her boyfriend, Kim underwent a facelift, blepharoplasty and lip correction. She also had her facial wrinkles removed with Botox injections and fillers. After all the manipulations, the star looked like a wax doll. She hasn't been seen in public with Mitch for a long time. She goes to social events alone.


Courteney Cox

American actress and former model Courteney Cox, best known for her role in the TV series Friends, was married to actor David Arquette for 14 years. Later, in 2013, she fell in love with musician Johnny McDaid, who is 12 years younger than her. For a year, they got along well and even planned a wedding. But when problems in the relationship began, Courtney decided to have a series of Botox injections that made her face look "taut". "I regret the injections. Fortunately, the drug is gradually leaving the body," the star said in an interview.

It is currently unknown how Cox and McDaid's relationship is developing. However, they have officially announced that they will not be getting married.



The American singer, dancer, film actress and producer Madonna had a series of affairs in 2008 after her divorce from Guy Ritchie. Her chosen ones were little-known artists, dancers and musicians who were much younger than the celebrity. In order to build a strong relationship with at least one of them, Madonna decided to go to the surgeon. She had a face and eyelid lift, lip contouring and several Botox injections, and changed beyond recognition. It doesn't seem to have helped her much.


Melanie Griffith

American actress Melanie Griffith and actor Antonio Banderas started dating in 1996. Back then, she was a world-famous star, and he was just starting his career. They were considered an exemplary couple. Years passed. Melanie liked herself less and less in the mirror, so she went under the knife. She thought it would help to "keep" her husband by her side. However, with lifts and numerous Botox injections, she ruined her appearance. In 2015, it became known that the couple had divorced.


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