They tried to outwit age: how the appearance of celebrities who had a facelift changed. Photos then and now

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Famous actresses who went overboard with beauty surgery.

A facelift corrects drooping soft tissues and makes the oval more expressive. There are two types of this procedure: classic, affecting only the skin layer, and SMAS-lifting. The second option gives more visible results: it stimulates collagen production and strengthens the skin at the level of the SMAS (superficial muscular-aponeurotic system), and is one of the most progressive methods of rejuvenation and lifting.

Among celebrities, there are many who went under the knife to rejuvenate with a lift. Unfortunately, not everyone has benefited from it. Read more in the article published by OBOZREVATEL.

1. Nicole Kidman (55)

Australian actress, singer and producer Nicole Kidman looks pretty good for her age. However, she overdid it with plastic surgery, and now her face is unnaturally stretched. Like a mask. This suggests that the celebrity has had a circular facelift.


2. Renee Zellweger (54 years old)

American actress Renee Zellweger, after the first signs of age-related changes, decided to regain her youthfulness. The star had a blepharoplasty and facelift. After these manipulations, she looked older than her real age.


3. Pamela Anderson (age 55).

American actress, photomodel, producer and book author Pamela Anderson started going to cosmetologists and surgeons at the age of 25 to remove wrinkles and make her face firmer and tauter. Now there is no trace of her natural beauty left. The effects of surgery are all too noticeable.


4. Mary-Kate Olsen (age 36)

American fashion designer, actress and producer Mary-Kate Olsen decided on her first facelift at the young age of 28. Soon after, she corrected the shape of her nose and enlarged her lips. The celebrity in the race for beauty ideals changed herself beyond recognition.


5. Uma Thurman (53 years old)

American actress Uma Thurman, unlike her colleagues, more delicately decided to correct the appearance. In 2015, she had a barely visible blepharoplasty and a circular facelift. She looks fresh and natural for her 53 years.


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