They look ridiculous! The five worst hairstyles for prom: hopelessly ruin the image. Photo

Some hairstyles don't go with the prom look at all

One dress is not enough to create a complete prom look. Beauties who are preparing for the most important night of their school lives know for sure that accessories, shoes, makeup, and hair are no less important elements.

Especially carefully you need to choose how your hair will look, because something different will go with every dress, makeup and facial features. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about the unsuccessful options that will hopelessly spoil the holiday look (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

"Wedding" hairstyle

Hairstyles, which beauties used to choose for the wedding - with flowers, tiaras and other luxurious decorations - will look irrelevant to the prom. The last school night inspires an atmosphere of lightness, youth and dreaminess, so it is better to abandon the difficult to perform and uncomfortable hairstyles.


Excessive fixation

An overabundance of styling products has never made anyone prettier. Hair at a young age does not need "heavy" styling. A little varnish is enough to give the hair a shape and fix, for example, curls. After an active evening fixing products can look unkempt, and the hair - dirty.


A sturdy bun

Firmly twisted bun on the head, which is also called "grandmother's" will not be combined with a luxurious evening dress. Too simple hairstyles can ruin the image, so it is better to give preference to lush variations of the bun. Laconic jewelry will also look appropriate.



Braids can be a stylish and feminine hairstyle option, but here it is easy to make a mistake and ruin the image. If the choice fell on braids, it is better to choose minimalism. For example, a pair of puffed braids in the Greek style is a comfortable and festive option.



Of course, some hairstyles cannot be done without a comb-over, because voluminous hair should be lush all over. Nevertheless, it should look proportional and complement the image and not catch the eye.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about the mistakes of women over 50 that add to age. What was relevant at 30 can have a negative impact on the appearance at a mature age.

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