They look expensive and will suit everyone! 5 versatile haircuts that will never go out of style. Photo.

5 haircuts to suit everyone

A haircut is not a universal thing and will look different on every woman, as the overall look of the hairstyle is influenced by the body type and facial features. However, you can still choose an option that will successfully emphasise the beauty of most ladies.

It's best to consult a hairdresser who can choose a haircut that suits your hair condition and appearance. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 5 universal options that look expensive (to see photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Neck-length bob

Based on the fact that most women have experimented with hair colour and care products in one way or another, we can assume that the condition of their hair requires special attention. Various variations of the bob will help to get rid of problems with split ends, and short strands will look more voluminous, which will help to visually "reset" several years.



A layered haircut will look equally stylish on beauties with any hair length. It will help to add density to the hairstyle and look fashionable against the backdrop of the return of retro culture.


Torn bangs

There are many advantages to a haircut with bangs. Torn bangs can help to hide a high forehead or wrinkles on it, as well as add volume to the hair. However, you should avoid the straight cut, which is a thing of the past.


Light curls

Curling in the salon is a very popular procedure that can help to curl both afro curls and light curls. It goes without saying that natural, slightly sloppy curls look good on women of any age and with any length, as the stars on the red carpet have proven time and again.



Women often avoid short hairstyles because they think they don't suit them. However, a bob haircut can help restore the volume lost over the years, emphasise sharp facial features and give you room to experiment with hair colour. You don't have to worry about spoiled ends from the blonde, because this haircut requires regular correction in the salon.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you which bangs will be the most fashionable this year. It will suit both beauties with long strands and owners of short hair. Bangs will visually stretch the face, which will make it look slimmer.

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