They have no place in your wardrobe: 5 models of summer shoes that have long been outdated

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Anti-trends of spring-summer 2023 shoes.

The fashion world is constantly changing. So, if a few years ago almost every second woman wore trendy gladiator sandals or wedge sandals, today this style is considered a mauvais.

Make an audit of your shoes. See if your summer pairs are still relevant or if it's better to replace them with new ones. Read more about this in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Gladiator sandals

These are flat-soled shoes with lots of leather rivets and straps. They appeared in ancient Rome and became famous thanks to the fighters who fought each other in special arenas for the entertainment of the noble public.

Today, gladiator sandals are one of the favourites of women. However, they should be discarded. Such shoes do not emphasise the grace and beauty of women's feet at all. Instead, choose leather ballet flats or low-heeled mules.


2. Perforation

Brogueing or perforation is the creation of holes in footwear for decorative or functional purposes. Punching through holes in sandals or sneakers allows for good ventilation, especially if your feet are prone to excessive sweating.

It would seem that this is the perfect choice for a hot summer. However, such models are no longer relevant. Replace them with low-heeled sandals, slip-ons or mules.


3. Massive sandals with tractor soles

Elegance and brevity are in fashion nowadays. Shoes and sandals with chunky soles, which draw too much attention and look old-fashioned, do not fit into these criteria. Choose models with low soles, without a lot of decoration and fasteners.


4. Shoes with fringe

In recent years, fringe has been gaining momentum in clothing, but it has completely exhausted itself on shoes. Instead of such sandals or sandals, it is better to choose ones with beautiful buckles, chains or ties. Give preference to pastel, black and beige colours so that the shoes can be easily combined with any wardrobe item.


5. Sandals with wedges

Wedges are comfortable. In addition, it visually stretches the silhouette and makes the legs look longer. However, it is extremely difficult to find sandals that would really harmonise with such a sole. That's why this model has automatically become an anti-trend for summer 2023. To make sure you don't make a mistake, we recommend replacing the wedge with a stable heel.


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