The most fashionable sandals of summer 2023 are named: even the stars are crazy about these models. Photo

Sandals will be topical this summer

The most practical and comfortable pair of shoes on hot summer days are sandals. Not only do they look stylish, but they can be easily styled in any image. Heeled sandals can be worn to a party, while simpler models will save you during a long and exhausting walk.

Stars do not miss this option of shoes and willingly flaunt in sandals even at social events. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about the most stylish models of this summer (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

In sturdy heels

High stilettos are not always a good choice. In addition, they are rarely comfortable. However, there is a solution for beauties who want to look taller. This year, the fashion is resistant and low heels, in which it is convenient and comfortable to walk all day.



The time when sandals with wicker looked appropriate only on vacation is long gone. Along with hats and braided bags, models with braids or their imitation have burst into fashion.


With strings

Sandals with a single strap, sitting elegantly on the foot, look expensive and almost invisible, but not everyone wants to spend the opportunity to make an interesting accent on the shoe. In that case, a model with ropes that are tied crosswise on the foot will come in handy.



Often the need for comfortable shoes is stronger than the desire to appear taller or slimmer. Don't be afraid to wear low-soled sandals that are comfortable to walk in.



The image does not always have to be formal and elegant. Sporty style also remains in fashion, so you can safely choose a pair of shoes that fit with shorts and T-shirts. Summer is the time of outdoor activities, so the elegant models with heels or with rhinestones in certain situations will look just ridiculous.


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