The effect is amazing! Five rejuvenating hairstyles for women 40 years old that will refresh the image. Photo

A hairstyle can help freshen up the look

Passing the 40-year mark, women are increasingly thinking about how to refresh the image and "get rid" of a few years. A change of hairstyle, which quickly and effectively "rejuvenates" the appearance, can help.

OBOZREVATEL has already written about five hairstyles that women should avoid after 40 years, and now it's time to find out which experiments you can not just dare to do (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).


The elegant care trim is a great alternative to long hair. This haircut is easy to take care of and the ends of your hair will always look neat. It will visually make your hair look thicker and younger.



One of the factors that gives away years is the lack of volume. As we age, strands become less frequent and break, so the natural volume after washing is no longer there. A shortened back bob can help solve this problem.



Not for nothing Hollywood beauties prefer curls on red carpets and other social events. Light styling can completely refresh the image, make it romantic and light.


Sloppy hairstyle

The permanently fixed with nail polish ponytail, fancy and complicated hairstyles and bouncy curls are relics of the past, so they give away age. Young beauties prefer simplicity, in particular careless bunches and natural drying of hair without unnecessary manipulation.



A layered "cascade" or "ladder" haircut can help to create a fresh look in the long run. This hairstyle can help visually make hair look thicker and more voluminous, which is often lacking after the age of 40.


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